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Carte cadeau électronique

75 €

Offrez des nez de clowns ou des séances de moulage.
Vous pouvez offrir 1 ou plusieurs nez de clown en laissant le choix de choisir la forme, la taille et la couleur avec un message personnalisé.

75 €
95 €
140 €
160 €
Other amount

The Gift Card allows you to offer

clown noses


molding sessions (hand impression taking see "in the workshop"

After purchasing the card, the recipient will receive a KDO code that they can use whenever they want, in the payment section.  

the code can be combined with the promo code SETNOZ (-20% discount for the purchase of 5 noses)

21 euros: a classic clown nose  of your choice  

27 euros: 1 clown nose + septum  

55 euros:  1 box  or several noses

60 euros: 4 noses or 1 session  child molding

66 euros: 5 clown noses or a session  child hand molding

75 euros: 1 box or several noses 

90 euros: 7 noses  or 1 session  adult casting

120 euros; 1 parent / child molding session or about 8 noses 

140 euros: 1 session  cast 2 adults or 9 noses

180 euros: 1 dozen noses

240 euros: from 16  at 20 noses or  2 sessions  molding.....

in short do not hesitate to rummage on the site and ask questions if you wish

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