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Impression taking

Molding is a technique that I use a lot in my accessory manufacturing activity (see ).


The impression taking is a very detailed molding of a part of the body which makes it possible, like photography, to fix and reproduce this body at a given moment and thus to keep a sensitive memory.

I suggest you mold your hands in ceramic plaster (very solid and very fine plaster) in order to obtain a real sculpture, a perfect reproduction of your hands, or that of a member of your entourage (children, parents or friends), in the posture of your choice.

These sessions take place at my workshop by appointment

4 possible formulas:
- a child's hand (up to 15 years old included) / 75 euros
- an adult hand: yours, or guest                     / 95 euros
- 2 "parent-child" hands (together)                 / 140 euros

(up to 12 years old included)
- 2 adult hands (together)                               / 160 euros

The plaster setting time requires a minimum of 48 hours before being taken out of the mold, so we will arrange a second appointment to collect the finished part.

Do not hesitate to contact me

by email:

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