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 latex clown nose

 big round pochtron nose with nostrils

 Professional latex clown nose handcrafted from dyed natural rubber

 the nose is flexible, holds its shape well and is very comfortable.

 washable with soapy water


 width 52mm / 2.04"

 depth 47mm / 1.85"

 height 40mm / 1.57"

 The elastic fastener is transparent

 the nose is delivered in a pretty little “clown” case

 for all specific orders contact

 professional website:

 facebook @legaragefourgon

 instagram @legaragefourgon


  • SIZE

     To find the right clown nose, you need to take the time to measure your nose, particularly in width and depth.

     width (mm): between the 2 wings of the nostrils

     depth (mm): wing from nostril to tip of nose

     height (mm): from base to bridge of nose

     other measurements are indicated when the nose has a greater amplitude.


     Clown noses are made from mass-dyed latex.

     Latex is a soft and comfortable natural material that is sensitive to light.

     Under the effect of light, colors become denser over time, however red is the most stable color.

     It is therefore advisable to keep clown noses away from light in their small box when they are at rest.

     The satin noses are covered with a layer of paint and do not change color.


     It is possible to clean latex noses with lukewarm water.
    Be careful, do not use hydroalcoholic gel or alcoholic solvents.

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