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The impression taking is a very detailed molding of a part of the body which allows, like photography, to fix and reproduce this body at a given moment and thus to keep the sensitive memory.

I will mold your hands in ceramic plaster (very solid and very fine plaster) in order to obtain a real sculpture, a perfect reproduction of your hands, or that of a member of your entourage (children, parents or friends), in the posture of your choice.

4 possible formulas:
- a child's hand (up to 12 years old included) / 60 euros
- an adult hand: yours, or guest / 80 euros
- 2 "parent-child" hands (together) / 100 euros
- 2 adults hands (together) / 120 euros

The plaster setting time requires a minimum of 48 hours before being taken out of the mold, so we will arrange a second meeting to collect the finished part.


How does this GIFT VOUCHER work?

Following this purchase, you will receive by email a personal PROMO CODE which will have to be sent to the beneficiary of this workshop. We can also send him an email to tell him what to do.

On the At the workshop page of the site , he can choose the workshop you offered him and indicate his personal promo code to enjoy it for free.

He can choose the dates and times that suit him.

The molding will take place at Le Garage Fourgon workshop - Paris 75019 -

all information will be provided to participants as soon as they book.


PS: all the provisions are planned within the framework of COVID19 (masks, gel)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


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